Hello My ♥’s!

let me first apologize, for not being more attentive to ya’ll.  My bad. But, it’s summertime and between being SUPER BUSY and serving all of you, Mr. Hawkins, has been making some major improvements to NWC.

Now, check this out!  If you’ve never visited us, know, that if you’re on a budget, NWC GOT U!  We always have $10 grams.  But the savings don’t stop there!  If you’re a REWARD’S MEMBER, you receive an additional 20% off of our already low, affordable prices.  If you’re wanting that MIND BLOWIN’ high, pick up one of our concentrates, starting at $27.83 OUT THE DOOR!!

But HOLD UP!!  Recently, due to being EXTREMELY BUSY, you may have come in and we were a lil sparse on those $10 grams.  Don’t worry!  Here’s your chance to indulge in some of our TOP SHELF strains, that Matt has meticulously picked out for you.

Who’s Matt?  Matt is THE MAN, the HOMIE, our Inventory Manager.  Him and his department of guys keep NWC stocked with the best, Las Vegas Cultivators have to offer.  It’s not easy, trying to satisfy everyone’s taste, but Matt listens to our guest’s feedback and tries to get a LIL SOMETHIN, SOMETHIN, for errbody.  If you see him(bald headed guy, with glasses- SUPER CUTE LADIES), say “Hi”.

SO WAIT!!  You say, you DON’T SMOKE?  Baby, you can STILL come shop with us.  NWC carries BAKED GOODS & SUPER, POTENT gummies.  It’s also MUY CALIENTE in Vegas, so come in and get a bottle of ICE COLD, INFUSED iced tea or lemonade.  Or get BOTH and make yourself an INFUSED Tiger Woods(the hood version of an Arnold Palmer) over ice.

As you can see, we have EVERYTHANG you could possibly need or want, to get you fully medicated.  Or for my RECREATIONAL friends, our ish, will definitely put you on #CLOUD420.

Please tune in next month, when I spotlight the GRAND OPENING of our State of the Art office suites and CBD store.  Until then, my ♥’s HAPPY SMOKING!!

Ms. Angie