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BrandNameTHC%Price Per GramPrice Per EighthStrain
Tahoe HydroSundae Driver 1G23%$16.10------Indica
Tahoe HydroCookies & Cream24%$16.10$56.36Hybrid
Tahoe HydroChampagne25%$16.10$56.36Hybrid
Tahoe HydroWatermelon Gelato22%$16.10$56.36Indica
Greenwater FarmsApple Cobbler SHAKE18%$7.99$23.99Indica
Greenwater FarmsDecepticon SHAKE22%$7.99$23.99Indica
Greenwater FarmsDosi D SHAKE25%$7.99$23.99Indica
Desert GrownBruce Banner 3.5G23%------$35.70Sativa
Desert GrownSilver Mountain #2 3.5G22%$35.70Sativa
Desert GrownShark Bite #4 3.5G22%------$35.70Hybrid
Desert GrownHendo Cream 3.5G21%------$35.70Sativa
FloraVegaPineapple Express 1G24%/28%$12.50------Sativa Dominant
FloraVegaDesert Snow 1G/4G24%$11.47$40.16Sativa
FloraVegaStrawberry Lemonade 4.2G22-23%------$29.09**SALE**Sativa
FloraVegaUltimate Indica22%$13.13$45.96Indica
FloraVegaKush Master23%$12.50------Indica Dominant
Greenway MedicalUK Cheese 3.5G24%------$57.24Indica
Greenway MedicalFrench Bread (SHAKE) 7G21%------$66.66 *SALE*Indica Dominant
Greenway Medical91 Sister (SHAKE) 7G23%------$66.66 *SALE*Hybrid
Greenway MedicalRose OG (SHAKE) 7G21%------$66.66 *SALE*Indica
Greenway MedicalSkunkberry (SHAKE) 7G21%------$66.66 *SALE*Indica Dominant
Greenway MedicalMango Tango (SHAKE) 7G18%------$66.66 *SALE*Indica Dominant
Old PalGorilla Glue #4
Old PalBlue Zkittlez 14G (PREGROUND)22%------$103.35Indica
PrimeZombie Kush26%$13.49$47.21Indica Dominant
PrimeMiami Heat24%$15.89$55.85Sativa
PrimeCosmic Cookies26%$13.49$47.21Hybrid
PrimeKing Kong Cookies25%$13.49$47.22Indica Dominant
PrimeChocolate Mint OG 3.5G26%------$47.21Hybrid
Garden of WeedenAK- 47 3.5G29%------$33.46Hybrid
Garden of WeedenTHC Bomb 3.5G24%------$33.46Hybrid
Garden of WeedenGarlic MInts26%$9.56$33.46Sativa
Garden of WeedenFruit Punch 3.5G24%------$33.46Hybrid
Garden of WeedenTangerine 3.5G20%------$33.46Hybrid
Garden of WeedenGeisel 3.5G21%------$33.46Sativa
Garden of WeedenGarlic Sherbert28%$9.56$33.46Indica
Garden of WeedenAlien Moon Pie24%$9.56$33.46Indica
Gold LeafCement Shoes29%
20 mg Myrcene
Gold LeafWedding Cake22%
BluntFarmsElectra ALL CBD 2G/3.5G18%$16.99$31.99CBD ONLY
Bohemian Bros.Star Pie 1G27%$15.89------Hybrid
Bohemian Bros.Mimosa24%$15.89$55.62Hybrid
Mother HerbAcapulco Gold 1:1 CBD12.63%CBD, 8.43%THC$10.12$35.42Hybrid
Mother HerbGSC 3.5G22%------$35.35Hybrid
Mother HerbYoda OG 3.5G21%------$35.35Indica
Mother HerbLime Light21%$10.04$35.87Indica
Mother HerbSex Candy 3.5G24%------$35.87Hybrid
Mother HerbBurkle (SHAKE) 14G------$98.99 *SALE*Indica
Mother HerbVegas Nights (SHAKE) 14G------$98.99 *SALE*Indica
Solaris91 Chem27%$9.27$33.38Hybrid
SolarisFire Chem 1G30%$9.27$33.38Indica
Summa CannabisDonkey Butter 3.5G23%------$32.99Indica
Summa CannabisObi Wan 1G17%$9.27------Sativa
Summa CannabisMother's Milk 3.5G23%------------Hybrid
Summa CannabisSnow Daze20%$9.27$32.99Sativa Dominant
Summa CannabisRug Burn OG 3.5G24%------$32.99Indica
Summa CannabisAlbert Walker 1G17%$9.27------Hybrid
Summa CannabisCookies & Dream 3.5G22%------$32.99Indica
Summa CannabisSunset Sherbert 3.5G24%------$32.99Hybrid
Summa CannabisLee Roy TK 1G17%$9.27------Indica
Summa CannabisYoda OG 3.5G21%------$32.99Indica
Summa CannabisKey Lime Pie20%$9.27$32.99Hybrid
Summa CannabisNY Sour Diesel17%$9.27$32.99Indica Dominant
VID_20191228_162144RedwoodMiami Heat24%$15.95$55.85Sativa

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