1G KIEF GMO 67.78% THC


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1G KIEF GMO INFUSED 67.78% THC LIMO 15.80MG CARY 8.58MG  MYRC 6.61MG Kief is the gift that keeps on giving. The very particles leftover during the processing of cannabis flower is powerful stuff. Kief comes from an Arabic word meaning “pleasure or intoxication.” That’s fairly accurate. That’s fairly accurate. AT THIS PRICE YOU CANT AFFORD NOT TO GIVE ME A TRY. IF YOU DO YOU WILL ALWAYS WANT MORE OF KIEF? Kief is a magic powder that adds a certain MAGICAL POWDERS to the weed that you’re about to smoke. When you buy top-shelf cannabis you see that (especially under a magnifying glass or phone lens) it’s covered in tiny little crystals, you know you’re about to hit the kief jackpot.

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