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About NWC

Our Mission

  • Is to deliver the highest quality medicinal marijuana products to our patients thus improving their quality of life.  
  • Is to offer medicine and services that help patients manage pain, improve physical conditioning, reduce stress and implement better nutritional practices.
  • Is to stay legally compliant, financially sound and responsive to the community in which we operate, by giving back through own “Each One, Teach One, Reach One Program” which will provide products and services to patients regardless of patients’ ability to pay, so no one in need is ever turned away.

Our Objectives

  • Hire employees who are knowledgeable, cheerful, motivated and who enthusiastically create a gallant atmosphere for our patients. Staff will be trained to serve members courteously, responsively, with dignity in mind.
  • Develop and maintain a loyal patient following through product, services “Each One, Teach One, Reach One Program”.
  • Develop community outreach programs that include classes on wellness strategies, ongoing support groups, chronic pain support, and education programs for those interested in medical cannabis.
  • Offer and or partner with outside companies to provide a wide variety of holistic healing and alternative care services, including yoga, nutrition classes, peer counseling, substance counseling and more.
  • Grow and dispense safe, high-quality products that are professionally processed, packaged and presented to patients in a compassionate, service-focused environment.
  • Open as the state of the art facility that emphasizes health and wellness.

Our Vision

  • NWC’s vision is to serve as a model facility that operates in full compliance with the law, maintains the highest standards of professional operation and serves the needs of card caring patients by cultivating, producing and dispensing medical marijuana.

Our Commitment

  • Operate with complete adherence to state and local ordinances and maintain a concrete working relationship with all government authorities, including law enforcement, Local and State officials.
  • Maintain a physical environment and organizational culture where all are treated fairly, with respect and kindness.
  • Remain a good neighbor to residents and businesses by reaching out to the community leaders and citizen groups.
  • Provide and education Library to our patients on the different benefits of medical cannabis.
  • Serve our community to the best of our ability.

Our Core Values

Are for NWC to always be in:

  • Compliance with the laws, rules, regulations of the State of Nevada and local governments. To be transparent through operations which are to be viewed by local police departments through our camera system, at any time.  Our grow operations will be tracked from seed to sell. Our financial records will be regularly audited by local and State governments.
  • Compliance with the various conflict-of-interest /codes of ethics matters relating to patients, suppliers and employees.
  • Alignment with the best practices associated with medical marijuana and the governmental agencies regulatory/ investigative processes.
  • Compliance with the best practices to cultivate and dispense safe, high-quality medicinal products focused on careful processing and testing by independent 3rd party non-related testing laboratories.
  • Compliance with being compassionate, caring to patients, professional, sensitive to the needs of the patients while providing a safe and sanitary environment for the patients.


Nevada Wellness Center is committed to giving back to the Las Vegas Community. For every exit bag donated by our customers, NWC will donate 1 can of food and Co- owner Frank Hawkins will match each donation.  This program is designed to help local senior developments, veterans, youth community centers, low Income seniors and families. Our goal is to donate more than 3,650 cans of food to the local community per year.



Frank Hawkins

Andre Rhodes

3200 S. Valley View

Las Vegas, NV 89102



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